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Thank you for visiting my Twin Cities real estate website.  Here I have included both personal and professional information about myself that may be of interest to you.

Biographical info:

I was born in San Clemente, California where my father was stationed as a Marine.  The small 2 bedroom home that my parents rented is now worth over half a million dollars.  It just goes to show you that location is everything.   After leaving the Marines, my father earned a doctorate in exercise physiology, and in 1967 he moved our family to St. Cloud Minnesota where he served as a professor at St. Cloud State University until 1999.  My mother spent 30 years as a real estate broker in the St. Cloud area, so I guess you could say I have real estate in my blood.  My earliest participation in real estate involved doing lawn work, painting, cleaning, and routine maintenance on some of my mom's listings.  Even at 12 or 13 years old, I was noticing that after I painted and cleaned her properties, they sold faster than other listings.  

I graduated from St. Cloud Apollo high school in 1979, and from St. Olaf College in 1983.  My wife and I spent a number of years living in the Cherokee Park neighborhood of St. Paul.  More recently we moved to Rosemount where we live with our 3 children.  I have been a Saint Paul area real estate agent for 28 years.


I am so happy representing Better Homes and Gardens.  I think it is because my philosophy is in keeping with the philosophy of Kevin and Linda Sharkey, the owners of BHG  All Seasons.  They consistently put the needs of their clients as their first priority.  It is so gratifying to see how their commitment to their clients has furthered the success of their company.  For many years now we have been Minnesota's largest and most successful family owned brokerage. 

BHG All Seasons pioneered the philosophy of letting agents conduct our business from the bottom up. They offer incredible training opportunities and sales tools to all of their agents, and have managed to attract many of the best agents in the Twin Cities.  Because they have so many excellent agents, Kevin and Linda are able to offer a generous compensation plan to all agents, allowing agents to keep a larger share of their commission than they would at comparable full service brokerages.

We are not a discount real estate brokerage.  But we also are not a rigidly run company where the broker tells the agents that they need to ask for 7% commissions and never settle for anything less than 6%.  Kevin and Linda promote an atmosphere where agents are taught how to deliver world class service, and then are allowed to negotiate with sellers to come up with commission structures that make sense for all parties.  Because my broker is not taking the lion's share of each of my commissions, and because I sell a lot of homes, I don't need to charge a king's ransom on each transaction.  I am in a position to offer my client's the best of both worlds: At our first meeting, I show them how I'm going to deliver the best services available, and then we negotiate a commission structure that will save them thousands of dollars compared to other full service options that they might consider.

I was just at a closing the other day where I was representing the buyers, and the sellers were represented by a large corporately owned firm.  The listing agent was very nice and professional, and when I noticed that her brokerage fee was 5.5% on this transaction, I asked her about it.  I was curious, because even though this fee is more than I ever charge my clients, it was low by corporate standards.  She said that because her clients were also purchasing an executive home the same day, her manager had "allowed" her to charge "only" 5.5%.  I was struck first of all by their idea that 5.5% is a deeply discounted commission, especially when the transaction was enabling their firm to sell a much bigger home and make even more money.  But even more striking to me was the idea that this experienced, successful agent needed to make her sellers wait while she begged her manager for permission to do something so small.  I was reminded how fortunate I am to be working for a company where those kind of decisions are mine to make.  

Please contact me if you have any questions.  I want to be your Saint Paul area real estate agent.  My goal is to provide you with excellent service at a reduced fee.  This will enable you to sell your home faster, and keep more of your equity.

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