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How Buyers Save

By working with me, a "typical" buyer can save approximately $4000, most of it in the form of a cash rebate immediately after closing.  Buyers of more expensive homes will save even more money.  And if you have a home to sell, my discounted commissions will save you thousands of dollars on that transaction as well.  Below you will find a list of the ways I save so much money for my clients.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call me at 651-238-5649.  If you want more specific figures showing exactly how much you can expect to save, please follow this link to: how much will a buyer save? 

Cash Rebates at Closing

Many buyers receive a substantial cash rebate immediately after the closing. For homes in most price ranges I rebate 1% of the sale price to my buyers.  We will put this in writing at our first meeting when we sign the Buyer Representation Agreement. 

Free Home Inspections

I always try to convince my buyers of the importance of writing their offers contingent on a professional home inspection. In addition to inspecting the home for structural and mechanical defects, your inspector should also conduct a radon assessment . If the inspector finds serious problems with the home, my buyers have some options. They can cancel the purchase agreement and have their earnest money returned, or they can negotiate with the seller to have the seller remedy the problem. Even when the inspector finds no major problems, the whole process is a great learning experience for the buyer. I feel home inspections are so important that I pay for them myself. This saves my buyers several hundred dollars right when they need it the most, and it offers them the peace of mind to confidently move forward.

Free Home Warranty

I provide qualified buyers an HMS Home Warranty at my expense.  Most other Dakota County real estate brokers can sell you the same  warranty, but they will charge you an additional $425 on top of all of their other fees.  You can read more about HMS Home Warranties by following this link to their website.

I Pay Your Compliance Fee

Most Saint Paul and Dakota County real estate companies charge their buyers and sellers a compliance fee, or administration fee. The typical amount seems to be $395, but I've seen a number of companies charge more. The problem is, nobody has ever explained to me what a client gets in return for paying these fees. I find it especially annoying when corporately owned companies charge 6% or even 7% to sell a home and then tack on compliance fees of $395 or more. You would think that charging too much for their real estate services, too much for their mortgage services, and too much for their title services would create enough profit, but they feel the need to add on additional fees that nobody can explain.

At Better Homes and Gardens our company charges $299, which is the lowest fee I have recently seen. But I don't really like to see my clients pay any compliance fee when I can't explain to them what they are getting in return. Because all of our other fees are so much lower than our competition, our office feels justified in collecting $299 per transaction. They feel that collecting $299 per transaction allows them to charge me lower fees and enables me to pass all of the other savings on to my clients. That at least makes sense to me, and it is an amount that I am willing to pay on behalf of my buyers. None of my buyers ever have to pay a compliance fee. So in addition to a receiving a cash rebate, my buyers get a free inspection, home warranty, appraisal, and credit report. And they save the $495 (or more) that many other companies would charge them in the form of a compliance fee.

What's the catch?

There is no "catch."  My low overhead allows me to be generous with my clients, and still make a nice profit for myself.  I want to extend this offer to as many qualified buyers as possible. While not every buyer qualifies for every promotion, all buyers will save considerably by working with me.  Some examples of clients who qualified for only some of the benefits are as follows:

I do a lot of work with relocation companies like SIRVA.  In a SIRVA relocation, 40% of my commission goes to the relocation company, which allows them to provide all kinds of benefits to the family that is being relocated.  Understandably, after I have funded their relocation package, these families receive very small cash rebates from me.

Other buyers have different needs:  some of them need help selling a home, and want me to reduce my already low selling fees; some buyers need extensive help with credit repair; some are buying in price ranges that simply don't generate commissions large enough to allow for large rebates; other buyers look at many homes before buying one.  In all of these instances I can help buyers save money, even if I am not able to provide the entire menu of promotions to them.  Please call me today, and we can discuss how much money you will save on your next transaction!

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