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How Sellers Save

Thank you for visiting this page.  Offering excellent real estate services at a reduced fee has been the foundation of my success for over 27 years.  I'm excited to show you how I can save you thousands of dollars on the sale of your home.  Reading this page is the second best way to find out how much you can save.  I have tried to make the page helpful, but it is no substitute for talking with me directly.  Please call me at 651-238-5649 if you have any questions.
Low Fees

It is my goal to always charge my sellers the minimum necessary for me to deliver excellent service.  I almost always charge sellers significantly less than any other full service agent will charge them.     

A typical commission for me is 4.5%, but I charge slightly more on very inexpensive properties and I charge less on more expensive properties.  My commissions are flexible---I want to do what ever is necessary to help you get your home sold.  When you consider the additional savings listed below, my sellers usually save approximately 2% of the sale price of their home by working with me.  So on a home sale of $300,000 a typical seller would save $6000.  They would save much more if they also purchased a home with me.  I work hard to keep my overhead low, enabling me to charge my sellers thousands of dollars less than other agents charge.  This allows my clients to price their homes competitively, get them sold fast, and keep more of their equity.

 Free Home Warranty

I have been a leading discount real estate Broker in the Twin Cities for 27 years and have saved my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by offering excellent service for a reduced fee.  More recently, I have initiated a program that will place an HMS Home Warranty  on all of my listings at my expense.  This will help your home sell faster and for more money.  According to Business Week, homes with a home warranty increase their sales price by up to 3%.  Additionally, you will be protected from costly repairs while your home is listed. 

Reduced Title Fees

My relationships with Siena Title  and Bell Mortgage  allow my buyers and sellers to save significantly on Title fees and Mortgage fees.  Also, at Better Homes and Gardens All Seasons, our transaction fees are among the lowest in the industry.

Variable Commission Rates

My already low commissions get even lower when I find your buyer myself.  Of course your home will be listed in the Twin Cities Regional MLS.  And I will do everything possible to  encourage other agents to show your home.  But I won't ever stop trying to sell your home myself.  I sell more than my share of my own listings.  One reason is because I work hard to sell my listings.  But I also have an almost unfair advantage over other Realtors:  If I don't have to pay a large commission to a buyer broker, most of the savings are passed on to my seller.  It is not uncommon for me to list and sell a home for less than 2% of the sale price.  This "unfair advantage" helps me sell my own listings.  Quite honestly some of my listings sell at prices that my sellers wouldn't be able to consider if they were listed with a company that charges 6% or more.

 Excellent Service

Low fees don't save you any money at all if they aren't combined with excellent service.  I offer full MLS services with extensive internet visibility for your home, including promotion on hundreds of websites, and enhanced positioning on Zillow and Trulia.  Professional photos of your home will be viewed by thousands of buyers online.  And stunning, full color brochures will be produced to help market your property.  Benefit from my experience and a large past-client and referral database. Don't waste your equity on high-overhead, high-commission agencies. I live and work in your community, so my personal and professional reputation ride on your satisfaction as my client.

I Don't Give Fruit Baskets!

Many realtors will come to closing with a nice big gift basket for their home seller clients, frequently after charging them a 6% or even 7% commission.  I don't bring candy, flowers, champagne, or fruit to closing.  I would rather see you walk away with more of your hard-earned equity.  You can buy a lot of fruit with the thousands of dollars you will save at closing when you are represented by me.  Please call me for a complimentary market analysis, and an overview of my strategy to price your home competitively and still help you net top dollar.

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