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How Much Will a Typical Buyer Save?


I have 27 years experience helping my buyers negotiate favorable terms for themselves when they purchase real estate.  In addition to helping them negotiate with the seller, I help them secure attractive loan terms, and I help them avoid paying to much for closing fees and other title expenses.  Just by doing these things, I save my buyers a lot of money.  But a lot of local real estate agents work hard to do the same things for their buyers.  What really sets my program apart from my competition are
the additional savings itemized below. 

My goal is to give qualified buyers 1% of the sale price.  Most of them elect to use some of the rebate towards their home inspection and administrative fees.  So after I provide payment for these fees, their cash rebate is usually a little less than 1%.  But I do have buyers who elect to pay their admin fee and pay for their own home inspection and receive the full 1% after closing.  Either way, I don't think you will find a more generous program anywhere else.  If you do please let me know--I want to know about it!

Buying a $300,000 Home

Cash Rebate:                                      $2005. 
Free Home Inspection:                         $500.
John Pays your Admin Fee:                   $495.

Total Savings:                                 $3000.

Buying a $500,000 Home  

Cash Rebate:                                     $4,005.
Free Home Inspection:                        $500.
John Pays your Admin Fee:                  $495.

Total Savings:                                 $5000.

You will save thousands of dollars by purchasing your next home with me.  If you are selling a home, you will save even more!

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