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Don't Use Craigslist


I just spent 10 minutes advertising three of my listings on Craigslist.  I advertise my Saint Paul area homes for sale there all the time, so it probably sounds strange for me to say that Craigslist is a terrible place to search for your next home.  But I should tell you that when Realtors advertise their listings on Craigslist, they have no expectation that their advertisement is going to sell that listing. Think about it:  the homes are arranged in a random order and there are only a few very general ways that buyers can narrow their search.  There are thousands of real estate websites that provide much more user friendly ways to search for homes.

 I have used Craigslist to buy and sell golf clubs, bunk beds, and chain saws.  It's nowhere near as well organized as the MLS, but there is no MLS for chain saws.  I would have liked to search for just chain saws that were priced under $200 and located within 20 miles of my home, but that wasn't an option.  So I had to wade through advertisements for power drills, belt sanders, and air compressors.  It was actually kind of fun to take a random walk through an online tool store, but serious home buyers soon realize that this is no way to look for a home.   Who wants to look at a disorganized list of a small sample of Twin Cities homes for sale, when you can do an organized search of the entire MLS?  At my website, you can Search the MLS  using the same search parameters that Realtors use. Do you want to see homes in Eagan and Rosemount with at least 4 bedrooms all priced under $200,000?  You can do that at my website or at many of my competitor's sites here in the Twin Cities.

So why do Realtors even post their listings on Craigslist?  We go to Craigslist to advertise ourselves.  Our advertisements may look like they are about homes for sale, but we know that only beginners are searching for homes on Craigslist.   These beginners are very unlikely to buy the first home they click on, but they are likely to buy something at some point.  We want to get to know these beginners, and our sellers are happy to know that we are constantly developing the next wave of buyers. So the savvy agents write ads that are full of links to their sites and other calls to action.  Almost all of the well written ads include a link to  Search Twin Cities Homes.   My ads also include links where buyers can learn more about my   free cash rebates  , my free home inspections, and my free home warranties  that I provide my buyers and sellers. 

I am going to continue to use Craigslist to buy and sell random things.  And I'm going to continue to go there to attract buyers who are just getting started.  But Craigslist is no place for serious buyers to find their next home.
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